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Oxiplant offers the possibility of transforming your pieces and giving them the finish required for the job and to be able to provide fully finished pieces. These services include that of bending metal panels.

When metal panels are not bent properly, it has a knock-on effect on other processes, such as welding, assembly and painting, which all become considerably more difficult. This affects the use of materials and increases the labour necessary, raising the cost of the job. This is why bending is such an important procedure, and the panel bending service of Oxiplant is a high-precision process.

The process of cutting and bending panels is common to many projects, and to carry it out effectively and accurately, Oxiplant has a cutting and bending service for metals such as stainless steel panels and aluminium panels.

The bending machine operators carry out their work in accordance with a series of qualitative and quantitative control points that guarantee high-precision and quality bending.

The high-precision panel bending can work with pieces up to 4000 mm long and 12 mm thick.

We offer an enormous range of bends, for different types and sizes of pieces, adapting to the nature and bending requirements of each piece.

Our target is to achieve maximum precision and efficiency in all our processes through our use of advanced technology, better productivity and safety in panel bending, with the aim of satisfying the different demands and requirements of each project.

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